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We are a group of influencer marketing specialists, software engineers, programmers, creative artists, social media analysts, writers, online brodacasters, and bloggers. Check back often to see what's new. We are always researching and developing new and exciting internet based software similar to this web based package.

Phase 1: Research what we need to get up and running.
Phase 2: Develop a sound working plan to test, base-case, and implement.
Phase 3: Build the relational database, populate sample entries, and more development.
  (A) static relational database calls
  (B) dynamic relational database calls

Phase 4: Test for speed, ease of use, and awesome website technological features.
Phase 5: Base-case and implementation.

We will be adding stuff as we develop this app, keep checking back for more new and exciting items. Also, we will continue to tweak this inferface, so hang on!

Here is an example of things we need to tweak and we've already tweaked:

  1. Note: 2017-12-14 - use several different "Helpful Tips" etc
  2. Note: 2017-12-13 - start the access by user level LUB & GLB etc
  3. Note: 2017-12-13 - start using dynamic relational db calls - prior calls were static
  4. Note: 2017-12-12 - use LUB & GLB from "Real Analysis" - thanks Bernhard Riemann!
  5. Note: 2017-12-12 - develop a "To-Do List" relational db file etc
  6. Done: 2017-12-11 - add POC (Point of Contact) field to Edit screen
  7. Done: 2017-12-11 - improve the email field for mobile devices - have @ and the .com etc
  8. In-Progress: 2017-12-11 - develop reports for item, dr, and commission etc
  9. Note: 2017-12-11 - only accept non-empty name fields everywhere etc
  10. Note: 2017-12-11 - develop a landing page after status "Web-Form" guest user etc
  11. Done: 2017-12-11 - add MW contact page inquiries as status "Web-Form" etc
  12. Note: 2017-12-10 * improve the Helpful Tips verbage
  13. Done: 2017-12-10 - will jump back to "Listings" from now on after an edit - (see note [A] from 12-09)
  14. Note: 2017-12-09 - improve the listings on small iPhone screens etc
  15. Note: 2017-12-09 - add "Items List" to menu
  16. Note: 2017-12-09 - research email click on iPhone
  17. Done: 2017-12-09 - edit the "Max Wellness" at top - make it "MaxWellness" (one word)
  18. Done: 2017-12-09 - move "Entity" and "Status" on edit screens across the board
  19. Note: 2017-12-09 - [A] Need a "Back to Listings" button after an edit etc
  20. Note: 2017-12-09 - cleanup some paths and folders etc
  21. Done: 2017-12-08 * add toggle drop up-down arrows etc
  22. Done: 2017-12-08 * improve the Help, About, and Contact screens.
  23. Done: 2017-12-07 * standardize the Helpful Tips verbage
  24. Note: 2017-12-02 - tweak some fields for MW db demo
  25. Note: 2017-11-01 - research what we need to get up and running

The (*) indicates relativly speaking, since we're always improving things.

Here are some helpful tips...

  • The search feature searches all fields at once as per the latest technology.
  • A search button is not needed. As soon as one types, results come up.
  • If the listing vanishes, try to backspace some characters out of the search box.
  • Don't stress, it simply means nothing in the list matches your seach criteria.
  • Try typing "app" in the search box. Only appointments should come up.
  • Try typing "col" in the search box. Only Colorado should come up.
  • Remember that less is usually best. We only need a few letters or numbers to get loads of results etc.

Remember the early days of online gaming?
Well it's your lucky day!
Cause we've loaded this site with "Easter Eggs."
You know, those little hidden trinkets that surprise us all.
How many are there? And, how many can you find?
Here's a sample to get you started:

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