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MW Lab Sample Tracking

  • First of all, we use a DRDB (Dynamic Relational Database) model.
  • This means that everything is kept in separate files throughout the application.
  • Which allows us to dynamically change items, contacts, patients, barcodes, and more on the fly.
  • If your logged in, please logout, then navigate some demo samples.
  • Some subtle nuances:
    • #1 allows the doctor's staff to login and "Add" important information, including the barcode.
    • #2 allows the lab's staff to login, scan barcodes directly into the barcode box, and revise important information, including billing.
    • #3 allows MW staff to login and view important information, including revenue.
  • Finally, this demo is in the development phase, so check back often. Thanks! ... and Enjoy!

123 "Yeah, yeah, yeah! But, what's it for?"
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